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Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about transgender bathrooms. Many celebrities and liberal politicians are demanding the boycott of states which are supporting Biblical and Constitutional values while the majority of the country applauds laws such as North Carolina’s HB2.  Why is HB2 and other, similar, restroom ordinances so important? We know from the Bible that homosexuality (and transgenderism) is an abomination.  Nature also shows us that homosexuality is abominable.  However, there is a practical concern as well.  This page is not intended to illustrate how nature or the Bible teaches us that homosexuality and transgenderism is a sin.  The purpose of this page is to be a catalog of incidents in which local media has documented assaults perpetrated by homosexuals and transgender perverts,

California Man Dressed as Woman Busted for Videoing in Ladies Bathroom
New York City: Cross-Dressing Men May Use Ladies’ Lavatories, Locker Rooms
DA: Cross Dressing Man Secretly Videotaped Women in Macy’s Bathroom
Man dressed as a woman peeps on women in bathroom at Wal-Mart
VA. Police Hunt Restroom Peeping Tom Dressed in Women’s Clothing
Cross-dressing man caught peeping at Sentosa beach club toilet
Man undresses in front of girls in Seattle locker room, cites “Gender Identity” regulation
Predator who claimed to be transgender declared dangerous offender
Rome man arrested in women’s bathroom at Calhoun Walmart
Man charged after 10-year-old girl finds him in women’s restroom stall
Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter
Police: Peeping tom caught filming women in Brentwood Target dressing rooms
Police: Man attacks 6-year-old girl in women’s bathroom (Says he went in wrong bathroom)
Peeping Tom records woman undressing in Forever 21 fitting room, woman says
Arkansas Man Accused of Recording People In Restroom For A SECOND Time

As we have been tracking these, this one has caught our eye in a very special way.  At first, it is the typical story. A teen girl is in the bathroom when she hears the sound of a camera.  She looks under the stall and sees a pervert.  She runs out, and her dad locks the pervert in the bathroom until the police arrive. The police arrest the trans-gender pervert and discover enough evidence to charge the pervert with numerous counts of possession of child pornography.

DALLAS: Transgender ‘woman’ caught taking pictures of underage girls at Target

So, what’s the difference? There is a big difference.  The homosexual and transgender community has claimed for years that their sin was not a sin, but was how they were born.  Yes, the homosexual claims that God made them that way.  The gender-confused claim that God gave them that confusion.  Now, this crowd is claiming that the pedophile in this case was born as a pedophile and cannot help what he is.

Now, we must remember that these events, listed above, are outlying events.  After all, there couldn’t be a market for “shoe-mounted spy-cameras” like the shoe-mounted spy-cameras at this page or this page or the many other pages out there.

Of course, in all of this, we must also remember the leader of the Charlotte transgender bathroom movement.  You see, Chad Sevearance is president of the Charlotte Business Guild, the leader of the perverts who want to allow perverts to go into any bathroom they wish.  Conincidentally, he is also a convicted sex offender.
Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina

This issue really boils down to two issues: First, it is an issue of religious freedom, as guarenteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  If government is allowed to force business owners to accommodate reprobates, against their will and against their religious convictions, the government is violating the First Amendment. Second, it is an issue of public safety.  The articles listed above, and numerous others, are evidence of the assaults which have already taken place, as well as the countless assaults which will occur in the future if crazy laws like Charlotte’s bathroom ordinance are allowed to stand.

If you know of other incidents where crossdressing or transvestite perverts have committed an assault, please leave a link in the comments