sex ed

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#GODLYparents do not blindly abdicate their authority and farm their children’s education out to the cesspool of public education.

schoolLast week, in the Sunday PM service, our preacher asked why so many kids grow up in a good church, in a good youth group and then turn in to total rebels. Well, as the fall approaches, I can think of several reasons: failings in the home, weak preachers and influences from outside sources like the Hollywood media all come to mind. What do you suppose the most critical influence in a child’s life is? The Bible is plain, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:5, KJV) A child is like a softened lump of clay – easily shaped and easily molded. Let us consider the life of the typical child for a moment. Shortly after a child is born, many parents will want to go back to work, school or something else. So, at ages as young as four-weeks old, baby’s care will be

farmed out to a daycare. From then on, baby spends the majority of his day, up to nine or ten hours, away from the family, being trained by someone else. What are their values? What are their morals? These “caregivers” do not love your child as you do. They are not your child’s parent! They are doing this for a paycheck.

At the age of four, the typical child is moved from a daycare to an institutional school. Perhaps it is a Christian school, but it is far more likely that the school is a public school. In order for the public school to keep its funding it must, from kindergarten, begin teaching sex education. This means that from kindergarten, children are taught that sex outside of marriage is okay, as long as you are ready for it and as long as you use protection. Of course, they teach all about when the body is ready for sex and they teach all about how to use protection. They don’t necessarily teach about the emotional side-effects of physical relationships outside of marriage and they certainly don’t teach about the moral and spiritual damage one does to himself in an pre-marital physical relationship. As a part of sex ed, beginning in kindergarten, the schools are also teaching that all families are not the same. They teach that it is perfectly acceptable for a family to have two mommies, two daddies, one mommy and one daddy. They also teach that there are times when mommy may dress like a daddy or when a daddy may dress like a mommy, and this is okay too. They teach that sometimes a mommy might not really be a mommy, but a daddy in disguise, and vice-versa. They even teach that it is okay for someone to have a mommy and a daddy. The point is that from the earliest ages, children are taught perversions.  I have intentionally placed an emphasis on sex-ed in this article because the public schools place an emphasis on the subject.  Reading and arithmetic are being de-emphasized while sex-ed is getting more time from kindergarten on! To be plain, kids are graduating from high school who cannot read or multiply, but they can use a condom!

Also, as soon as the child begins to read, he is bombarded with fairy-tales presented to him as fact. As the child reads his first words, he reads of a mythical land where man evolved from protoplasmic goo alongside of all the other animals. Yes, the child is taught that man is just another animal driven by primal instinct. When the child ages, that instinct will be important! As the child grows, if the public schools teach him anything else, they teach him that knowledge is power. That one must possess knowledge to succeed. However, the knowledge of Jesus Christ is forbidden from the classroom.

Today, we have several generations of teachers who have been taught that they are nothing more than animals acting on instinct. They are in classrooms of over-sexualized children who are missing something. Many are missing the attention of their fathers. The child spends seven to nine hours away from home, in or on the way to school. They come home and isolate themselves in their bedrooms for a few hours with their cell phone, television and internet before they drift off to sleep and start over again. Without realizing a void exists, they find a sympathetic adult to fill it. The predator then moves in.

Then, one day in the process, the parents wake up and realize they have a God-hating rebel on their hands. Where did this rebel come from? He came from the school you sent him to and the media you allowed into his bedroom. Who is training your children? Are you among the millions who farm your children off to the surrogate parents in the cesspool of public education?  Do not deceive yourself in to believing church is enough to balance the public school.  Three hours of church per week cannot off set the damage done in thirty-five hours of school every week.

Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Please don’t misunderstand.  I am not beating up on every parent who has placed their children in the public school.  There are some for whom this is a necessity.  However, these are far fewer than most would have us believe.  Most kids are in the public school because of lifestyle choices, not necessity.  If a widow needs to work to support the family, that is a need.  However, when two parents decide to sacrifice their children so they can have a bigger house, more cars, boats sea-doos, etc., then the parents are dead wrong and their children will pay the price.