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For more background on this issue, please see the article, “Why Transgender Bathrooms Are Bad.

The suit filed by Gov McCrory and the state of North Carolina against the US Federal Government was quickly met by a lawsuit by the Obama administration.  In the Obama administration’s suit, they made the luscious claimed that forcing people to use the bathroom associated with their gender was no different than the segregation of the early twentieth century.

In reality, this entire story seems so silly.  First, if someone truly believes they were born with the incorrect gender, are taking the hormones to appear as the opposite gender and is dressing like the opposite gender, then there will likely be no issue or concern with that person entering the restroom associated with their appearance.  In fact, they have been doing this since the devil invented homosexuality.  Why is allowing men in women’s bathrooms so important? In the end, this conflict will cost the states and the federal government millions of dollars.  Is this really a civil rights issue? The answer is yes, but not in the  way the Obama administration wants you to see it.  Continue reading