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When we consider our praise toward God, we must first consider how lacking our praise must be. We must also consider why we are offering praise and to whom that praise is being offered. Sadly, though, we are in an ungrateful generation. Children are not taught two simple words: Thank you. Likewise, children are not taught to be content with what they have. Children are conditioned to believe they are entitled to everything they need and anything they want. When something is given to them, there is no thankfulness. If that child should be saved, they have no concept of thankfulness until the Lord works in their heart.

Aside from the admittedly unsaved, there are many others who attend church on a regular basis to worship the Lord. What is proper worship? I remember walking into a church for the funeral of a co-worker. I noticed a sign in the vestibule of that church. The sign said, “Enter in silence to worship.” Silence to worship? That is not the worship we see in the Word of God. Ultimately, the Word of God is our final authority. So, what does the Bible say about worship? This study will examine different verses from the Bible and how they relate to praise.