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Godly parents take responsibility for their children.
  • Just this week, I’ve read of the following events from LOCAL schools
    • A vicious attack of a five year-old in a school bathroom
    • Four different instances where teachers sexually assaulted students
    • A convicted sex-offender being allowed to chaperon an over night field trip (who knows what happened on that trip
    • A physical assault on a student by a teacher
    • A shooting at a local high school
  • I know of one student, who attended a local high-school, who was mocked because she always dressed like a young lady
  • Schools are being ordered by the Obama administration to open their bathrooms and locker rooms to anyone to accommodate the perverts.
  • We know that floor plans of public schools here in the United States have been found in the middle east. Safety should be the concern of every parent, but millions of parents send their kids, like sheep to the slaughter, to school every day. 
  • From kindergarten, children are subtly being taught lies about the Bible (i.e., “billions of years ago,” evolution, etc.)
  • From kindergarten, children are being taught that deviant behavior such as homosexuality is acceptable. In later grades, kids are taught how to perform sex acts.
  • Sexual assaults by students, on students are common place.
  • Children are regularly being charged and convicted of distributing child pornography among themselves.
  • Physical assaults are commonplace
  • Emotional bullying and abuse is commonplace.
  • Parents believe their school is a good school. Good compared to what?
Children spends 35 hours per week, plus homework time, being indoctrinated into the NEA’s socialist agenda while being taught that God and the Bible are mythology for the weak-minded. Parents get their children to ball practice, prom, band practice and choral recitals, but not church activities. Then, when that dear, sweet child rejects God, the parent turns to the church asking what the church and the Pastor did wrong.
Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
The command to train up a child is given to the parents, not the state. God didn’t give the child to the state, God gave the parents the responsibility to train, nurture and protect the child. When a parent sends his child off to a state school, that parent is abdicating his responsibility to protect the child. When a parent places more emphasis on school activities than church activities and when the parent teaches the child to “listen to the teacher” and “learn what the teacher teaches you,” the parent shouldn’t be surprised when the child rejects God and the parent absolutely should not blame the church, the youth group or the man of God.