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“If you think you can’t fall into sexual sin, then you’re godlier than David, stronger than Samson, and wiser than Solomon” (Pastor Bill Perkins).


As I considered writing Perfectly Pure, I spent a great deal of time considering my own daughter. What did I want for her. I came to the conclusion that what I wanted for my daughter was everything I was not as a teenage boy. The primary goal for this book was defined. I wanted parents and teens to realize that no one can be trusted with their own flesh. I want fathers to remember what they were like as young, unmarried men. I hope men will remember what was in their hearts and minds before they were married. When they recall this truth, I pray they will protect their children as though they were protecting their children from who they were as a teen.

My second prayer is that Perfectly Pure will be read by parents and their children, then used to spark open and frank discussion about God’s purpose for marriage and God’s plan for purity. Continue reading

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notequalAs our society grows more and more distant from God, those who encourage sodomy are becoming more vocal.  Now, as we all know, this vocal minority wants society to believe two sodomites can marry and function as a normal family. They are also seeking to create laws which would redefine marriage. Two men could be married. Two women could be married. Perhaps a man could even marry a goldfish if he wanted.  After all, it is said that a dog is a man’s best friend. Why couldn’t a man marry a dog? There is a simple answer. Marriage is a religious institution, it is a relationship born out of a covenant between a man and his bride. Marriage is the method God chose for the furtherance of mankind. Most importantly, marriage is a picture of the relationship between the church and the Lord.  It is because of all of these facts that the devil wants to destroy the traditional family.

The institution of marriage was founded by God just shortly after God created the earth.  As the earth was created, literally spoken into existence, by God, it is God’s to do with as HE pleases.  God has within Himself the ability and the right to define whatever rules he chooses.  Still, God guides with a soft hand, He leads us into His will.  One part of the will of God is marriage. When God created the earth and all of the universe, God also created animals.  There was also one special creation – man. Man was created in the image of God. Man does not necessarily look like God, but rather man is created as a three-part man. Man has a physical being, and emotional and intellectual existence and a spiritual existence. The latter is key. Of course, every animal has a physical being and all animals have some level of intelligence. No animal has a spiritual existence.

Man was also unique in that man was literally formed by the hand of God. The other animals were created at the word of God. Man was formed by God’s hand. Despite the special relationship between man and God, man was lonely. Man needed companionship. So God caused a great sleep to fall upon Adam and took a rib from him to make a wife for him. The other animals could all reproduce at will, Adam had a mate specially created, by God, for him. In this one creation, God established a pattern.

Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

God’s intention was that one man would marry one woman. This is a simple fact and a simple command from God. More than the covenant and commitment made between a man and a woman, the blessed union of husband and wife, as they stand and live before God, is a far greater picture. Marriage, as God defined it, is a glorious picture of the union of Christ and the church. There are many parallels between the God ordained union of a man and a woman, the union we call marriage, and the union of the church and the Lord.

There are many reasons why any union between two, other than a God-ordained union between a man and his wife, could never truly be called a marriage.  Far more than the joining of flesh with flesh is required to make a marriage. Anything other than the God-ordained union of one man and one woman simply is not equal.