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For more background on this issue, please see the article, “Why Transgender Bathrooms Are Bad.

The suit filed by Gov McCrory and the state of North Carolina against the US Federal Government was quickly met by a lawsuit by the Obama administration.  In the Obama administration’s suit, they made the luscious claimed that forcing people to use the bathroom associated with their gender was no different than the segregation of the early twentieth century.

In reality, this entire story seems so silly.  First, if someone truly believes they were born with the incorrect gender, are taking the hormones to appear as the opposite gender and is dressing like the opposite gender, then there will likely be no issue or concern with that person entering the restroom associated with their appearance.  In fact, they have been doing this since the devil invented homosexuality.  Why is allowing men in women’s bathrooms so important? In the end, this conflict will cost the states and the federal government millions of dollars.  Is this really a civil rights issue? The answer is yes, but not in the  way the Obama administration wants you to see it. 

The Obama administration would have you believe that the freedom to choose the bathroom gender is a civil right. They are claiming that forcing men to use the men’s restroom and forcing women to use the women’s restroom is discriminatory.  However, while they are distracting you with their right hand, we need to be watching their left. This issue isn’t about bathrooms. The bathroom issue is just a building block. It is a beginning to persecution.

First, we must remember that the United States was founded as a Christian nation by Christians. Throughout the history of the United States, we have enjoyed the blessings of being a Christian nation. In World War II, as a Christian nation, we came to the aid of the Jewish people in exile, being tortured and murdered in the Holocaust. After the reformation of the nation of Israel, we have been a friend and an ally. For all of this, God has blessed us. Within the United States, there is a diversity of churches, some doctrinally correct, some not, but all claiming to love Jesus. As a result of this country’s stand with Christ and with God’s chosen people, we have enjoyed the blessings of God. This is beginning to change.

Over the last few decades, the country has become more secular. People claiming to be Christians still make up more than 80% of the population, but preaching is becoming anemic. As Paul predicted, the people are seeking leaders (I hesitate to use the word Pastors to describe them all) who do not preach convictions and the Word of God. The people are seeking teachers who will tell them what they want to hear.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

We are in the day Paul predicted. As the church has declined, so has the nation. The decline of the church and the nation are nothing new. Some have been watching and predicting this for decades. What is new? The ambivalence and the anemia of the church has reached a point where there are now very few people who will offer any resistance to evil. There was a day when a drunk would cross the street to pass a church. In times past, there would have been no chance of a leader being elected who did not at least claim to be a Christian, even if their lifestyle didn’t show it. Today, we have a Muslim President who has surrounded himself with Muslim advisers.

  • Abedin, Huma: Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Abunimah, Ali: Vice president of the Arab American Action Network
  • Al-Hibri, Azizah: U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
  • Al-Mansour, Khalid Abdullah Tariq: Patron of Obama during 1980s
  • Al-Marayati, Salam: Representative of the U.S. government at the annual Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe conference
  • Alikhan, Areef: Department of Homeland Security
  • Arab American Action Network: Received money from Woods Fund when Obama was board member of Woods Fund
  • Barack H. Obama Foundation: Headed by President Obama’s half-brother, who oversees the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments
  • Asbahi, Mazen: National Coordinator for Muslim American Affairs (during 2008 presidential campaign)
  • Elibiary, Mohamed: Homeland Security Advisory Council
  • Husaini, Minha: National Coordinator for Muslim American Affairs (during 2008 presidential campaign)
  • Hussain, Rashad: Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference
  • Khalidi, Rashid: Professor of Middle East Studies at Columbia University
  • Magid, Mohamed: Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Countering Violent Extremism Working Group
  • Mattson, Ingrid: Invited by Obama advisor to work on the White House Council on Women and Girls
  • Mogahed, Dalia: Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
  • Obama, Abon’go Malik: the older half-brother of Barack Obama
  • Patel, Eboo: Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
  • Said, Edward: Professor and Arab activist who was keynote speaker at 1998 fundraiser attended by Obama
  • Shora, Kareem: Homeland Security Advisory Council
  • Shora, Nawar: Senior Advisor to the Civil Rights and Liberties Office of the Transportation Security Administration

The fight between God’s people and Islam has existed since the days of Isaac and Ishmael. Muslim’s attacks on the Jews and Christians are certainly nothing new. Today, the world’s leading Christian nation is being led by a Muslim. Obama’s greatest goal lies in his Muslim roots: he is bent toward the dismantling of Christianity.

We understand that our current President, B. Hussein Obama, is a Muslim. Now, this begs the question: Why would Muslims fight for homosexual rights? We have to remember – the issue isn’t homosexuality, the issue is Christianity and Islam. We cannot forget that faithful Muslims do not have the morality of Christians. For example, a Muslim is permitted to lie, so long as it furthers the cause of Islam. Tearing down Christianity and destroying Israel are both stated goals of Islam. These two goals are also critical to the ultimate goal of setting up Sharia law throughout the world. Homosexual issues are just a tool this administration is using to dismantle the church, to advance Islam. Where is the outcry when a homosexual is beaten to death, burned to death or beheaded in a Muslim community? There is none. Every battle which is fought, and won, in favor of the homosexuals erodes the rights of the Christian a little more.

After the Supreme Court ignored the will of the people and ruled that states must recognize homosexual marriages, several Pastors simply refused and were arrested. Preachers traveling into prisons and members of the US Military have lost their First Amendment rights and are not allowed to preach that homosexuality is a sin. In the case of the military, some commands are completely prohibiting the Bible in public spaces and in spaces where one might be offended by the Bible.

Ultimately, the bulk of Americans have lost sight of the Word of God. People have found themselves teachers willing to give them the message the people want to hear and, as a nation, we have lost sight of the foundation of the Word of God. Those of us who remain as a remnant must do several things: First, we must stand for God and for the Word of God. Second, we must prepare for and expect persecution. Students of the Bible know that America is not in prophecy. At the time of the tribulation, many believe America will be a third-world country, completely irrelevant.  There is one more thing we must do. We, as a remnant, must do what is RIGHT. We must continue to stand against evil whenever it rears its head. We must continue to stand against politicians who would destroy our nation and, more importantly, our churches. We must support those who defend our freedoms. We must do something that we, as Christians, have not done – we must speak out. Use every forum available: social media, political meetings, rallies, town hall meetings, church and even the grocery store line to spread the Gospel.  We simply cannot lay down and willingly allow the devil (and his Muslim minions) to win.


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