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Net-4-Christ actually began in 1998 as Teens-4-Christ.  Teens-4-Christ was initially designed to be an internet “hang-out” for the teens in one local church’s youth group.  It would be a place where teens could express themselves and promote the local church’s youth group.  Quickly, however, the founder of Teens-4-Christ realized that this simple website for one local church was having a global reach – among the youth of the day. Teens-4-Christ adapted to become an internet hangout for Christian teens.  Many Christian teens were encouraged and some were even saved.  However, as kids were getting saved, the opposition was mounting.

First there were the perverts.  A website for teens attracted perverts. In response, Teens-4-Christ had a handful of faithful adult helpers who moderated the forums and provided Godly counseling. Of course, even Jesus had a devil walking with Him, and so did we.  One of our trusted helpers turned out to be that devil

Next we had the trolls. All the typical stupid questions, such as, “If God is all powerful, why can’t he make a rock so big that he cannot pick it up?”  It was amazing how God gave us discernment to deal with these.  In some cases, just deleting the question, sometimes answering the question and in some cases, deleting the troll.

However, the worst opposition came from the church. Pastors who railed against the internet in general or who claimed that any grown man who would talk to kids on the internet was a pervert.  Eventually, the interactive aspect of Teens-4-Christ was shut down and the name changed to Net-4-Christ.

Today, Net-4-Christ exists primarily as a blog where I take a thought from God and offer it to the people of the internet. Where will Net-4-Christ go in the future? That is up to God.