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We started Teens-4-Christ in 1999 as a means of reaching the young people of our local community. However, it did not take very long to realize that the Internet reaches far beyond one community.  In short order, we were receiving comments from around the world.  Teens-4-Christ was born. Soon, Teens-4-Christ grew and became a great success.  

There is still a great need for a community such as Teens-4-Christ.  But the Lord has shifted our focus just a bit.  We realize the need for Godly content for young people, but there is also a need for something else.  Thus, we have the birth of Net-4-Christ.  The Lord has shown us that there is a clear need in the following areas: content to draw the family closer to God, material for the new believer and, yes, material for the generations to come.  Let’s take just a moment to look at each of these areas.  

First, there is a need for content to address the family.  What has happened to the family? The world would have us believe the family, as God defined it, does not exist in today’s world.  Unfortunately for the devil, nothing could be further from the truth.  The family is alive and strong.  One of our goals here is to encourage families to walk with God and to make their marriages truly symbolic of the union of Christ and the church. 

Second, there is a need for material readily available to encourage someone to take their first steps into becoming a Christian as well as the first steps in their new walk as a believer. The First Steps series of booklets accomplish this goal.  Net-4-Christ will contain discipleship material similar to that in the First Steps series as well as devotional and discipleship material on a variety of other subjects. 

Net-4-Christ will continue to offer articles which will benifit teens and encourage their growth in Christ.